Tuesday, 30 March 2010

set blasters to stun

So with the group project out of the way ive been starting to work on my own personal art, again with the question what to do, and i thought modelling a gun would be a god start for this, afterall the vast majority of games involve guns so getting good at guns wouldnt be a bad start.

As i was researching into what kind of gun i could model i came across some leaked artwork from the new star wars battlefront game. With the recession still holding a firm grip on game companies wallets the company Free Radical, who have been working on star wars battlefront 3 made a load of redundancies lately. One of them being the game artist Richard Smith, who uploaded some of what he had been working on before he was cut loose. Obviously Lucasarts was quick to remove the images but not before they made their way all over the internet.

So i was looking at all this artwork and i was thinking well im into all this stuff like star wars, ive watched all the films and played all the games, and with artwork like this being released its obvious things like this are worked on as games. So why cant i use the 3d skills ive learnt so far and put it towards something im passionate about. I mean it not too stupid of a thought since this sort of thing DOES make it onto consoles. So without further question i had it, im making a gun from star wars.

After a while chipping away at it im almost there. yes it would be a lasser gun from star wars but to be honest its just pretty much a lee enfield rifle sawn up with a grenade launcher cup attached o the end. Im at 900 tris currently but since i havent got much left to do i reckon i could keep it at 1,000 tris by the end (hopefully ill get more detail into it with the never ending quest to learn mesh baking) anyhoo ill leave it at that

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