Sunday, 7 February 2010

Mesh Baking Failure

OK so as part of second year stuff ive started learning a few extra things in max, one of them being mesh baking. Mesh baking is where u can 'bake' the detail of a high poly object onto a low poly object so it creates the illusion of that low poly object having better detail and a higher tri count than it actually does have. So i got my hands on a rather useful tutorial on how to do this, and first off to do this you need a low poly model of what you want the detail baked onto and the high poly model containing all the detail. This in fact i learned is the longest part, mesh baking itself takes next to no time, modelling the to things is what takes all the time in this. So after all this i had my 2 models, and you can see the diference between the high and the loe quite clearly.

So from here i started following the tutorial up to rendering the normal map which is where it all went wrong, and this pissed me off cus i dont know where ive went wrong. All the normals where either bearly visible or extremely pixelated and in the wrong place. I guess experience at this is defenitely what is needed to make this work and look good

So after all this yeah im back to the drawing board, hopefully Ill be back on here soon with a (finally) successfully done and working baked pair of binoculars

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